My name is Rob Cartwright and I am a software/virtualization consultant.  I started my career in IT in 2008 since 2010, I have been specializing in the implementing of Citrix fishingproducts.  When I’m not hard at work, I spend my time tournament fishing off the coast of North Carolina, wakeboarding, and snowboarding.

As many of us know, tracking down a solution to a problem you encounter in Citrix can be painstakingly long.  Usually I forget to bookmark my findings and spend hours trying to find it again.  I created this blog so I can keep track of and reference the issues I’ve seen in the field from a single site.  I’ve made it public for others to benefit from.  I hope you find some of the content useful.

I currently hold the following certifications:

Citrix Certified Professional – Networking
Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization
Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
Microsoft Certified Professional

Disclaimer:  The publications and views expressed in this blog are my own personal opinions and are by no means associated with my employer or Citrix.

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