Device Manager 9 & AppController 9 Connection Failed


When attempting to connect XenMobile Device Manager 9 and AppController 9, I receive an error that says:

“Test connection failed.  Reason: a request to mdm server failed.”

I have two AppController servers load balanced with a VIP in active/passive mode.  I have two MDM servers in a Tomcat cluster, load balanced by the NetScaler (configured for SSL […]

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Cannot start app “app name”


This error is reached after clicking an app in Storefront.

Resolution 1:

The STA(s) on the NetScaler Gateway vServer do not match what is configured on Storefront.  These need to be the same.  Check both, and update accordingly.


Resolution 2:

You do not have a certificate bound to the NetScaler and/or the XenDesktop/XenApp servers.  Add a certificate to […]

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Generate and Install GoDaddy Certificates for NetScaler Gateway 10.5

This post should explain the process of generating and installing a GoDaddy certificate on the NetScaler for remote access via the NetScaler Gateway.  For this example, I am using NetScaler 10.5.
If you’re updating an expired or nearly expired certificate, you can either follow the RSA/CSR request process again, and re-key your existing certificate within your 3rd […]

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