Cannot start app “app name”


This error is reached after clicking an app in Storefront.

Resolution 1:

The STA(s) on the NetScaler Gateway vServer do not match what is configured on Storefront.  These need to be the same.  Check both, and update accordingly.


Resolution 2:

You do not have a certificate bound to the NetScaler and/or the XenDesktop/XenApp servers.  Add a certificate to […]

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Disable Auto-Launch of Apps/Desktops in Storefront 2.5

After logging in to NetScaler Gateway or Storefront, a user’s application or desktop launches without them clicking anything.  Auto-launch, by default is set to TRUE.
On each Storefront server, open Notepad with elevated privileges and browse the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb directory.
Open Web.config.
Set the autoLaunchDesktop parameter to “false”.
Save the web.config file.

Additional Resources:
CTX139058 – How to Disable Desktop Auto Launch in StoreFront

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