Device Manager 9 & AppController 9 Connection Failed


When attempting to connect XenMobile Device Manager 9 and AppController 9, I receive an error that says:

“Test connection failed.  Reason: a request to mdm server failed.”

I have two AppController servers load balanced with a VIP in active/passive mode.  I have two MDM servers in a Tomcat cluster, load balanced by the NetScaler (configured for SSL […]

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Installing AppController 9 and Configuring for High Availability (Active/Passive)

Planning for AppController Install

Hypervisor of your choice
AppController 9 VPX media specific to your hypervisor
3 IP addresses

Primary AppController
Secondary AppController
VIP (whatever IP you’d like to use to load balance the two)

IPs for DNS and NTP

**NetScaler is not a requirement for load balancing AppController appliances**

This guide assumes you’ve already deployed your OVF template, and you intend to set […]

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