When attempting to connect XenMobile Device Manager 9 and AppController 9, I receive an error that says:

“Test connection failed.  Reason: a request to mdm server failed.”

I have two AppController servers load balanced with a VIP in active/passive mode.  I have two MDM servers in a Tomcat cluster, load balanced by the NetScaler (configured for SSL pass-through)

I’m trying to connect AppController and Device Manager on port 80.

NetScaler is configured for ssl_bridge.



Since I used the XenMobile wizard, it created 4 services (2 for each server – port 443 and port 8443), along with 2 virtual servers (1 for 443 and 1 for 8443).

At this point, I have not put in a NAT rule to push the MDM LB VIP out to the public yet, as I was simply testing that I could connect by using the VIPs.

During the XenMobile Gateway Wizard, it does not create a service or a vServer for port 80, as you’d never want to push this VIP out to the public with port 80.  But for testing purposes, I created new services for each server on port 80, and a vServer for the two servers on port 80.  Tested, and this works.



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