This error is reached after clicking an app in Storefront.


Resolution 1:

The STA(s) on the NetScaler Gateway vServer do not match what is configured on Storefront.  These need to be the same.  Check both, and update accordingly.

SNAG-0038    SNAG-0040

Resolution 2:

You do not have a certificate bound to the NetScaler and/or the XenDesktop/XenApp servers.  Add a certificate to the NetScaler and XenDesktop/XenApp servers.

OR….  Change your STAs to http.  Make sure you do this on both NetScaler Gateway vServer and Storefront.


Resolution 3:

You may not have the correct ports open for HTTP/SSL traffic on your firewall.  Add a rule to your firewall allowing port 80 and/or 443.

Resolution 4:

All of your TS/RDS licenses are currently checked out.  Add more licenses or log out of a session.  See this article if you are experiencing this for VM-hosted apps

Additional Resources:

CTX132334 – Secure Ticket Authority (STA) Status is Marked as DOWN for the Access Gateway Virtual Server

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