Connection Error. Could not connect to server – Receiver for iOS


When attempting to launch an application/desktop from Receiver for iOS, a user receives the following error message:
Connection Error
Could not connect to server.


The Web Interface Address within the NetScaler Gateway Session Profile is set to your FQDN.  Change the FQDN to the IP address of your Storefront server IP OR Storefront load balanced VIP

Open the NetScaler […]

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Remove Receiver from startup on Windows Server 2012

After logging in to a server, a user is presented with a Citrix Receiver pop-up instructing them to log in.  Either the user does not need to configure/use the Receiver, it was mistakenly installed on a server, or an admin wishes to not have it load on startup.
Resolution 1:
Uninstall Citrix Receiver from add/remove programs.
Resolution 2:
Open run […]

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Cannot start app “app name”


This error is reached after clicking an app in Storefront.

Resolution 1:

The STA(s) on the NetScaler Gateway vServer do not match what is configured on Storefront.  These need to be the same.  Check both, and update accordingly.


Resolution 2:

You do not have a certificate bound to the NetScaler and/or the XenDesktop/XenApp servers.  Add a certificate to […]

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Disable Auto-Launch of Apps/Desktops in Storefront 2.5

After logging in to NetScaler Gateway or Storefront, a user’s application or desktop launches without them clicking anything.  Auto-launch, by default is set to TRUE.
On each Storefront server, open Notepad with elevated privileges and browse the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb directory.
Open Web.config.
Set the autoLaunchDesktop parameter to “false”.
Save the web.config file.

Additional Resources:
CTX139058 – How to Disable Desktop Auto Launch in StoreFront

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Generate and Install GoDaddy Certificates for NetScaler Gateway 10.5

This post should explain the process of generating and installing a GoDaddy certificate on the NetScaler for remote access via the NetScaler Gateway.  For this example, I am using NetScaler 10.5.
If you’re updating an expired or nearly expired certificate, you can either follow the RSA/CSR request process again, and re-key your existing certificate within your 3rd […]

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