The user is unable to launch an application using an HTTPS URL with Citrix Receiver for HTML5.  That user receives the following error:

Citrix Receiver cannot create a secure connection in this browser.  Refer to the Citrix Knowledge Center article CTX134123



If the user is not connected through the NetScaler Gateway, they may see this error if the system is not configured to support an SSL/TLS connection for Receiver for HTML5.  The user needs to connect via the NetScaler Gateway in order to access the application.

Work arounds for Chrome and Firefox can be found by following the steps listed in CTX134123.

Additional Resources:

CTX134123 – Unable to Launch Application Using HTTPS URL with Citrix Receiver for HTML5 on Firefox and Chrome Browser

CTX136201 – Citrix Receiver is Unable to Create a Secure (https://) Connection in the Browser

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