Planning for AppController Install

  • Hypervisor of your choice
  • AppController 9 VPX media specific to your hypervisor
  • 3 IP addresses
    • Primary AppController
    • Secondary AppController
    • VIP (whatever IP you’d like to use to load balance the two)
  • IPs for DNS and NTP

**NetScaler is not a requirement for load balancing AppController appliances**

This guide assumes you’ve already deployed your OVF template, and you intend to set up AppControllers in an active/passive setup.


Configuring AppController (perform on both appliances)


Log in to AppController with the following credentials:

Username: admin
Password: password


Enter 0 for Express Setup


Enter 1 for IP Address, Subnet Mask
Enter the IP address and netmask of your AppController


Enter 2 for Default Gateway
Enter the IP address of your default gateway


Enter  for DNS Servers
Enter the IP addresses of your primary and secondary DNS servers


Enter for NTP Server
Enter the IP address of your NTP server


Enter for Commit Changes
When prompted, enter Y to reboot AppController

***Perform the same steps again on the second AppController***

Configuring Primary AppController Appliance for High Availability


At the AppController menu, Enter 1 for High Availability.


At the High Availability Menu, Enter 1 for Role Preference.
Enter 1 for Primary


Enter 2 for Virtual IP, Peer IP, Shared Key
Enter the IP address of the VIP you’ve chosen for Virtual IP Address
Enter the IP address of the secondary AppController for Peer IP Address
Enter a random Shared Key for pairing both AppControllers (you’ll need this later)


Enter 3 for Enable or Disable High Availability
Note HA status is STANDALONE for now

Configuring Secondary AppController Appliance for High Availability


From the Home Menu on your secondary AppController, enter for High Availailability
Enter 1 for Role Preference
Enter 2 for Secondary


Enter 2 for Peer IP Address, Shared Key
Enter the IP address of the primary AppController for Peer IP address
Enter the Shared key you created to pair the two
Enter Y to Commit changes


Enter 3 for Enable or Disable High Availability
Enterto confirm the configuration
Note HA status of Secondary and Primary

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